EBD offers a very experienced team and a proven methodology for custom business application development. We have worked with a wide range of business problems in industries such as financial services, healthcare, retail, media and entertainment, information services, and telecommunications.

Using our knowledge of the landscape of commercial and open-source products, EBD will identify the products that best fit the needs of your business application. Our goal is to minimize the amount of custom code and use as many existing and available components as is feasible. The less custom code, the faster it will be to deploy, and the easier it can be to support. Using our RUP based development methodology, we will assemble the necessary third-party products and any required proprietary components into a complete business solution, test it and deploy it.

Where possible, we strongly recommend the use of open-source software components as part of the overall solution. Use of open-source components can dramatically lower the acquisition and operating cost by eliminating license fees. Based on our research, we believe that there are five key areas where open source represents a viable alternative for business application solutions for large enterprises. These areas include:

  • Content Management
  • eLearning and Training
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Identity Management
  • Application Infrastructure

If your organization is paying significant license fees for business applications in these areas, you should seriously consider open source alternatives. And, if you are considering building a new business application in any of those five areas, you should add open source as an alternative into your product selection process. We can design and implement such a solution.

Thus, EBD can provide the following comprehensive services for developing a technology solution:

  • Conduct an extensive user requirements process to understand current and future functional and system requirements.
  • Architect the solution.
  • Assemble appropriate open source components, and required proprietary software, into the solution that meets business users´ needs.
  • Develop custom code as required.
  • Develop iterations for development and testing. We continue to gather user feedback during the development/testing cycles.
  • Perform data migration, final integration testing and deploy the solution.