The open source revolution is fundamentally changing the economics and dynamics of the enterprise IT landscape. Enterprises that do not recognize and embrace this change will be soon at a serious competitive disadvantage in their IT cost structure. EBD has extensive experience in open source technology and we can assist your organization in leveraging open source technology based solutions.

Using an open source solution can lead to significant cost savings in license, operation and support costs for software. It also eases an organization's dependency on a single vendor and prevents the lock-in often accompanied with proprietary software products.

We understand the advantages and shortcomings of open source software and have the knowledge and experience to help you choose and implement the best open source solution. EBD has expertise with a wide range of open source software packages including experience in modifying the code, performing system integration, in administration and software development.

We can provide your organization with comprehensive development services for open source technology, including testing and integration with your existing environment. When an off-the-shelf open source application will not meet your requirements, we will develop a custom solution to provide your organization an effective open source deployment.

Open Source Technology Assessment
We will assess your existing proprietary application environment and recommend a strategy (with ROI justification) for adopting open source solutions. We also identify the practical open source technology that is best fit for your specific IT requirements.
Compliance and Audit Services
Our consultants can perform due-diligence and code reviews to avoid potential open source licensing violations. We can develop a low-risk roadmap for transitioning your organization's environment to open source technologies and help in creating the policies and procedures for a staged adoption of this open source technology roadmap.
Architecture Design Services
Many members of our team actively contribute and participate in various open source community projects. We can interact and facilitate your business requirements with open source communities, to design a viable infrastructure and application by leveraging various open source components.

Based on EBD´ research, we believe that there are five key areas where open source represents a viable alternative for business application solutions for large enterprises. These application areas include:

  • Content Management
  • eLearning and Training
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Identity Management
  • Application Infrastructure

If your organization is paying significant license fees for any of your business applications in these five areas, you should seriously consider open source alternatives. And, if you are considering building a new business application in any of those five areas, you should add open source as an alternative into your product selection process. EBD can design and implement such a solution.

What EBD Can Do
  • Conduct an extensive user requirements process to understand current and future functional and system requirements.
  • Architect the solution using open source technologies.
  • Assemble appropriate open source components, and required proprietary software, into the solution that meets business users´ needs.
  • Develop custom code as required.
  • Develop iterations for development and testing. We continue to gather user feedback during the development/testing cycles.
  • Perform data migration, final integration testing and deploy the solution.