EBD’s outsourced IT services combine the best of both worlds: the savings and superior quality of offshore development, and the immediacy and trust of a local US-based company.

We deliver the full range of application outsourcing, business process, consulting and systems integration services that you expect. With our background of serving the Fortune 500 firms, we are experienced at managing the highly complex, long-term engagements that our clients require. Unlike our rivals, we work, not from contract to contract, but to build long-term partnerships with our customers.

EBD’s outsourcing services can save you money, enabling your organization to focus time and resources on strategic projects. Our Offshore Development Center in Mumbai, India is dedicated to helping you achieve key goals including revenue enhancement, risk management, enhanced management control, and reduced costs. Our practice focuses on core back office services covering:

  • Software Development
  • Transaction processing
  • Data Management
  • Data Analytics

EBD’s BPO and Outsource IT practice offers several key advantages including:

  • A vertical orientation: All our services are tailored to your industry and process.
  • Holistic approach towards operational improvement: Because of our in-depth systems knowledge and capabilities, we can promise and deliver year-over-year productivity gains.
  • Quality and Expertise: We provide career tracks promoting vertical domain expertise and state-of-the-art technology, backed up with a cultural commitment to quality.
  • Right Skills: We bring the right people for the job. Our multifunctional teams include best-in-class talent from operations, process consulting and technology drawn from the world’s top financial services and management firms. Furthermore, our internal training capabilities (which are essential to BPO) are unparalleled.
  • Proven Governance: We constantly monitor our performance to ensure that we meet our promises to you. Our governance process is based on disciplined program management and a culture that promotes open communications. It is backed by advanced visual dashboards and reporting tools, ensuring that we keep our eye on our performance.
  • State-of-the-art technology expertise: Our core competencies range from legacy platform integration and major enterprise applications to emerging technologies such as Java, .NET, and XML web services.
  • State-of-the-art tools: We know how to help our clients rapidly achieve their business transformation goals through reuse of well-tested tools.
  • Disciplined program management and change management competence: Our robust management processes eliminate the hurdles of managing complex offshore deployments along with managing change issues at the customer location.
  • Organizational agility: We have the speed and flexibility to marshal local consulting support and offshore development resources into a cohesive team that delivers time-to-benefit… fast.