Architecture design and software development services represent the core of EBD’s service offerings. We have developed an excellent track record for delivering complex projects that require technical “heavy lifting”. While we are partners with nearly all the major technology vendors (including Microsoft, Oracle, IBM, Sun, BEA, Google, etc.), we do not advocate or push the products of any specific vendor.

Our approach to system architecture is vendor-neutral and driven by the specific needs of the project. In fact, wherever possible, we incorporate open source tools and products into our solution. We possess development capabilities in most of the major Internet technologies and related tools. Some of the characteristics of typical projects that we undertake are the following:

  • Based on Internet technologies
  • Mission-critical transactional systems
  • Database centric
  • Object-oriented design and development
  • Multi-tiered architecture
  • Application server based middle-tier
  • Web services based integration approach
  • Integration with legacy systems
  • High transaction rates