As the world's leading publisher of academic and reference textbooks, Prentice Hall provides some of the most innovative, flexible, and powerful educational products and solutions available today. Established in 1913, Prentice Hall publishes introductory through advanced-level textbooks, professional reference publications, and monographs.

Online Intervention System
Since 1998, Prentice Hall has defined itself as a market leader in online learning through software products and tools targeted at school districts, teachers, and students. EBD has been a strategic partner for Prentice Hall in the development of most of these software products. One of these projects is described below.

New state and federal educational directives (including the No Child Left Behind Act) require schools to achieve specific state adopted skill proficiency levels in their students. As a result, the need for an effective, targeted approach to student instruction is greater than ever. To meet this market need, Prentice Hall’s Online Intervention System (OIS) provides a powerful testing and remediation solution to K-8 teacher and students.

EBD worked with multiple groups within Prentice Hall to define the functional requirements of the product using the Use Case approach. The design and development of the corresponding software was undertaken in three iterative releases. Teachers use OIS to develop and administer tests that measure student performance on standards-based skills. Based on student performance and other factors, OIS intelligently recommends targeted remediation activities to the students that need help. Thus, OIS helps deliver a customized educational experience that is tailored to the needs of each student and is based on the strengths and weaknesses of each student.

Key features of the system include:

  • Development of state and national standards database
  • Development of standards based tests
  • Teacher test and remediation assignment services
  • Test grading services
  • Results based individualized remediation assignment services
  • Skills and standards based reporting services
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