The McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc. (NYSE: MHP) is a global information products and services provider serving the financial services, education and business information markets. It serves its customers through various distribution channels, including printed books, magazines, newsletters, Internet Websites, digital platforms, wireless, traditional on-air broadcasting and through a variety of conferences and trade shows.

McGraw-Hill Education is largest of the three segments within the McGraw-Hill group. McGraw-Hill Education develops educational products and it is the largest K -12th grade publisher in the U.S. and a leading global provider of education materials and professional information. Through online learning and multimedia tools, students of all ages, teachers and professionals are served by McGraw-Hill Education the world over.

Master Product Database
McGraw-Hill Education has acquired several companies in its history. Each of these acquired companies had its own information system for maintaining information about the products (i.e. book titles) that it published. In order to rationalize these disparate information systems, EBD was hired to develop the Master Product Database (MPD) system that would serve as the system of record for all titles published by McGraw-Hill across the world.

MPD provides comprehensive information about each title including detailed subject matter information, author information, print edition history, sales history, costing data, pricing data, inventory status across global warehouses, performance data for various sales channels, etc. The application provides a web-based user-interface for administration and use of the system. The system supports a powerful search capability to search for data using complex search conditions.

In order to support its functionality, the system was integrated with several enterprise systems within McGraw-Hill including Sales and Marketing systems (for sales data), warehouse management systems (for inventory data) and external bookstore information systems (to provide pricing data via XML and EDI transactions). The system has been deployed for use in all markets across the globe and is now deeply embedded in most core MHE business processes. MPD acts as the source system for several well-known sites including and

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