KLA-Tencor Corporation is the world's leading supplier of process control and yield management solutions for the semiconductor and related microelectronics industries. The company's comprehensive portfolio of products, software, analysis, services and expertise is designed to help IC manufacturers manage yield throughout the wafer fabrication process-from R&D to final yield analysis. Ranked among the world's top ten semiconductor equipment manufacturers, KLA-Tencor offers a broad spectrum of products and services that are used by every major semiconductor manufacturer in the world.

iSupport LMS

EBD developed the iSupport License Management System (LMS) for KLA. LMS is used to authorize, manage and track customer’s access to different features of KLA equipment installed worldwide at various semiconductor foundries. KLA products are available to customers with several features. Access to each feature on the product is controlled through a separate software license key. Customers purchase a set of features appropriate for their needs by obtaining a software license for each such feature. A software license enables specific software functionality on a designated system for a defined period of time.

LMS generates a unique license key for each feature purchased by the customer and downloads the license key(s) to the equipment to unlock the specific feature(s). Improper license management can not only lead to a loss of revenue for KLA, but it can also lead to unhappy customers. LMS provides the central application for generation and management of license keys for all KLA equipment deployed across the world. It delivers 100% network and IP security and can operate in highly secure semiconductor foundry environments. By automating a process that was formerly conducted manually by a team of support staff, LMS has dramatically reduced support costs for KLA while simultaneously improving customer satisfaction.

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