Hewlett Packard (HP) is one of the oldest and largest information technology firms in the world. HP is a solutions provider to consumers, businesses and institutions worldwide. The company's offerings span IT infrastructure, global services, enterprise computing, home computing, imaging and printing.

Employee Portal
HP has a workforce of over 150,000 permanent employees and over 80,000 temporary employees that work in more than 100 countries around the globe. To improve the efficiency of its internal operations, HP wanted to provide the following capabilities for this global workforce:
  • Online platform for providing human resources related services such as benefits enrollment and management, vacation tracking, employee tracking, internal job searches, etc.
  • Collaboration platform for globally dispersed employees to be able to collaborate and communicate efficiently with their co-workers using online tools
  • Common platform that worked across all divisions and business units to support employee search, internal expert search, and knowledge sharing across divisional boundaries
  • Online sales planning tools and detailed product information to support the activities of the sales force
  • Online tools for business managers to support the forecasting, planning and modeling of the financials for their area of responsibility

EBD worked with HP on a project to deliver the above requirements through an enhanced version of HP’s web-based Employee Portal. By creating such a portal, HP was able reduce its operational costs for providing services to its employees, improve the productivity of its employees and improve its overall organizational efficiency. As part of the project, EBD provided the following services:

  • Development of the overall business case for senior management to support project funding approval.
  • Design of the application functionality and identification of key business processes that were appropriate for inclusion in the portal.
  • Analysis of various legacy and ERP systems (including Peoplesoft and SAP) that had to be integrated with the portal.
  • Development of system architecture.
  • Software development and implementation of the project in conjunction with the HP team.

The HP Employee Portal is currently in production and is used by employees on a daily basis. The portal has been developed using a J2EE-based architecture and an Oracle RDBMS. The application integrates with PeopleSoft, SAP, and several home-grown HP3000 based systems to exchange employee related information with these systems.

J2EE architecture Oracle RDBMS PeopleSoft and SAP integration HP3000-based legacy systems integration