HealthSouth is one of the nation's largest providers of outpatient surgery, diagnostic imaging, rehabilitative healthcare services, and operating facilities nationwide. Healthsouth operates over 2000 healthcare facilities spread over all 50 states.

EBD developed a comprehensive Radiology Information System (RIS) called SourceRad for the diagnostics division of Healthsouth. Subsequently, Healthsouth created a spin-off firm called Source Medical to commercialize the SourceRad application. SourceRad is now available as a hosted application to diagnostic centers across the country.

SourceRad is a cost-effective web-based application that helps diagnostic imaging centers to:

  • Meet the demands of busy referring physicians
  • Increase reimbursement and accelerate cash flow
  • Streamline workflow and increase radiologist productivity
  • Ensure compliance with payer, state and federal regulations
  • Improve operational efficiency and reduce costs

SourceRad is designed to accommodate the unique clinical and administrative needs of diagnostic imaging centers at each stage of a patient encounter. Suitable for both independent facilities and large corporations alike, SourceRad is can be configured to each center’s unique needs and packed with comprehensive end-to-end functionality to improve operational efficiency and cash flow while strengthening clinical, financial and administrative processes.

To facilitate secure information exchange and enhanced productivity, SourceRad seamlessly interfaces with other systems, including practice management, PACS and billing services. The system’s built-in rules-based business logic ensures compliance with payer, state and federal regulations while optimizing reimbursement. Due to the system’s Web-based architecture, SourceRad deploys rapidly and scales easily with minimal implementation costs, enabling imaging centers to realize an immediate return on their investment.

SourceRad automates the following day-to-day processes:

Patient Scheduling. With SourceRad, front office personnel can quickly and accurately schedule and track even the most complex procedures involving multiple resources, using automated time slot generation and centralized scheduling.

Patient Registration. Using enterprise patient numbering, front-end audits, patient status tracking and more, SourceRad alerts staff to missing information and improves the accuracy of patient records and billing information.

Workflow. SourceRad’s unique suite of workflow features include: tech worklist, film tracking, report distribution, voice recognition interface engine, transcription, remote access, electronic signatures, credentialing, training and license data management, automated alerts and security.

Billing and Collections. SourceRad’s integrated back-end billing and collections engine ensures data integrity and accuracy. The functions perform multiple front-end audits resulting in cleaner claims and reduced denial rates.

Revenue Cycle Management. SourceRad automates the full spectrum of patient and payer business transactions, improving cash flow and accelerating payment. These solutions streamline key processes in the reimbursement cycle including eligibility verification, claims management, patient statements and more.

Management Reporting. SourceRad enables management to analyze asset utilization, financial performance and market trends by facility, region and enterprise with customizable integrated reporting functionality that reduces the time spent manually importing data from disparate systems.

Secure and Reliable Data. Supported by physical and technical controls in our secure data center, SourceRad aids your center in addressing HIPAA transaction, privacy and security guidelines.

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