GTECH (NYSE: GTK) is a leading Information Technology company that provides products and services for the global lottery industry. It is the dominant player in its market and currently provides solutions for over 80 lottery systems around the world for clients such as California Lottery, Florida Lottery, UK National Lottery, Brazil National Lottery, etc.

Enterprise Suite
EBD has been a key software development vendor for GTECH and it has provided architecture development, business analysis, design, and software development services for several products in GTECH’s new Enterprise Series (ES) suite of products. ES is an innovative technology solution that gives lotteries more power and control over their entire system. ES is designed to be an enterprise-wide integration platform and is based on open industry standards (such as J2EE, HTTP, XML and TCP/IP). This open system architecture gives customers the flexibility to continuously upgrade their systems, integrating a broad spectrum of best-in-class, third-party software and hardware solutions to achieve greater performance. In addition, the product suite enables GTECH and its customers to be more responsive to non-lottery commercial transaction processing opportunities as they emerge. Since GTECH clients are located across the world, a key requirement of the ES architecture is its need to support multiple languages and support a multi-country deployment model.

EBD has worked with GTECH on several key modules of the ES suite including ES Technology Framework, ES Retailer Services, ES Claims and Payments, ES Management Services, and ES Instant Processing System.

ES Retailer Services was the first module that EBD delivered for GTECH. Every lottery organization includes an essential component – the retailers that manage lottery sales by operating sales terminals through which wagering and associated activities are performed. Therefore, a key module of a lottery system is a Retailer Management application that (a) captures and maintains all information regarding the retailers (b) facilitates the setup of terminals for a retailer and (c) tracks transactional data for the retailers. The ES Retailer Services product represents this application. Key modules within Retailer Services include applications to support:

  • The processing and approval workflow for new retailers who wish to join the lottery network.
  • The ongoing management of data related to retailer location and owner.
  • Security and financial checks for owners of retailer outlets.
  • The provisioning and setup of new lottery terminals and equipment at retailer outlets.
  • Security related terminal information.
  • Lifecycle activities such as change of ownership for a location, closure of a location, etc.
  • Automated workflow tracking for processing new applications, licensing, provisioning, upkeep operations and terminating a retailer for security and audit trails.
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