DirecTV Broadband is the DSL services arm of the satellite digital TV giant, DirecTV. DirecTV acquired the service of Telocity – a broadband startup - and re-branded it as DirecTV Broadband. Telocity's integrated broadband platform provides for a suite of broadband services that can be remotely configured to subscribers' preferences. This standards-based platform consists of Telocity's proprietary residential gateway, managed network, common user interface, customer care and support services, and automated billing and provisioning systems. This service is available in over 70 major U.S. Metropolitan Statistical Areas (MSAs) in the Midwest, Southeast, Northeast and California.

Operational Support System

EBD undertook the implementation of the Operational Support System for Telocity. The project consisted of developing a comprehensive Order Management and CRM application by integrating the Siebel CRM system with PeopleSoft’s accounting systems. The application used BEA WebLogic as the application server for rendering the user interface for the solution. EBD used the Vitria EAI platform for message exchange and for integrating the various business processes across these systems. In addition, an Oracle RDBMS was used as the database for the system.

Telocity’s unique “plug-and-play” residential gateway can be easily self-installed by its customers. Installation software configures a personal computer automatically, providing immediate high-speed access to the Internet. The OSS was designed to enable the provisioning of many services and applications to conform to an individual user's preferences without requiring new equipment or an on-site visit by a technician.

J2EE architecture Oracle RDBMS Integration with PeopleSoft and Seibel Vitria EAI