Bay Area Air Quality Management District (BAAQMD) is a regional government agency responsible for monitoring and regulating stationary sources of air pollution in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Technology Evaluation
To enforce the air-quality regulations, BAAQMD maintains information about all pollution-emitting sources within its jurisdiction through a permit process and by collecting data from air quality monitoring stations located throughout the Bay Area. In late 1990’s, BAAQMD embarked on a project to migrate its core information systems from a mainframe-based system to a client-server architecture. The project was 200% over-budget and nearly three years late, when BAAQMD sought help from EBD.

EBD consulted with BAAQMD to evaluate the conversion effort and provided the following services:

  • Performed a critical review of the overall system architecture for the project to determine its status and probability of success
  • Reverse engineered the object and data-model for the project
  • Reviewed performance bottlenecks in the system
  • Reviewed individual applications to determine software code quality and stability
  • Evaluated third-party technology products and tools being used by BAAQMD

We provided the results of our review along with a set of concrete recommendations to the BAAQMD board. Our report outlined a specific course of corrective action, which was adopted by the board and resulted in the successful completion of the conversion project.

Reverse Engineering RDBMS Data Modelling Gap Analysis Product Evaluation